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Randy Lewis

Randy graduated at the top of his class at Starmark Dog Training Academy and rescued the 2 dogs that were assigned to me when he first started. He was required to not only pass, but ace exams in protection, basic obedience, advanced obedience, behavior modification (separation anxiety, aggression, socialization, etc), agility I and II, scent, and search and rescue. He graduated and earned the title Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist. It all couldn't have been possible without Sparta and Zoey.

Sparta is a white/gold StaffordShire Terrier Mix and was about 1 when he was assigned to Randy at Starmark. Sparta was surrendered by a family who could not spend the time potty training and house training him. When Randy first met Sparta he was terrified of people, and cowered and submissive peed at loud noises and fast movements. Those of you who have met him, know he is a different dog today, full of energy and confidence! Zoey is a black/white Jack Russell Terrier mix and was a stray according to the shelter. Zoey is one of the worst cases of aggression I have ever seen and likely would have been put down at a shelter if an experienced handler didn't adopt her. She has come a long long way, now being able to socialize and enjoy the world!

Often with a dog at his side, Randy loves fishing, exploring the great outdoors, and playing chess.

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